About Us

'Opportunity for All is a digital platform which streamlines the needs and demands of Malta’s crew members with the different opportunities in the market. The growth of Malta's film industry will be linked by connecting talented individuals with current employment opportunities. This platform serves as a crossroad for crew members, service providers and employers within the film industry who are looking to collaborate or hire.
This initiative is a policy-oriented deliverable by the Malta Film Commission to foster and strengthen the film production community where creativity, expertise, and opportunities intersect. It aims to make more efficient the process of hiring suppliers and employing workers through a transparent process.
'Opportunity for All' offers a comprehensive database that acts as a bridge between employers and potential employees as well as service providers of different goods and services for the film industry. From accounting and art direction to editing and electrical, the platform covers a multitude of disciplines in the film-making process. For Crew Members: Create a robust profile showcasing your skills, experience, and portfolio. Browse job listings, apply for roles, and communicate directly with potential employers. For Employers: Post job listings or a request for a good or service that target the right audience, sift through a diversified pool of talented individuals and suppliers, and hire the best fit for your projects. Our search and filter tools make it convenient to find what you're looking for.